Subscription Fees

Union Fee
Full Membership£1557

£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)

Weekend*£896£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Intermediate Age 18 to 25£545£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Intermediate + Age 25£715£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Intermediate + Age 26£885£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Intermediate + Age 27£1055£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Intermediate + Age 28£1225£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Intermediate + Age 29£1395£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Academy Membership£249 
Invicta Membership£499 
Country£512£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female)
Junior£150£20.00 (Male) £16.15 (Female) 


Members over 80 years of age at 1st April and who have been a Full Member for over 20 years are entitled to playing membership at discount cost of Full Membership.

Juniors are under 18 years on 1st April

*Weekend membership is strictly limited the age range of 25 - 45 years.

***Kent Union and England Golf fees are invoiced with subscriptions.

Although our prices and details are listed above I am aware you may be looking at alternative clubs and I do not simply expect you to download the form and send it in . I would like to meet you for a cup of coffee and show you around the club personally. We can have a ride out onto the course and, hopefully, I can answer any questions you may have. Once you see the course and how friendly West Kent GC is I am sure it will help you make up your mind that this is the club for you.

Please feel free to contact the club - Colleen Bond - Secretary -  at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Application Form

Entrance Fees

When Full Membership is offered an entrance fee will become payable as follows:

  • Age up to 30 years no fee
  • Age 31 to 40 years - £500
  • Age 41 years to 64 - £500
  • Age 65 and over - £500

Membership Enquiry Form

For all enquiries please contact us on 01689 851323 or complete the form below:

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